veronica candle co.


my wood wick isn't staying lit?

Trimming your wick before burning is a very important step that must happen before re-lighting your candle. Either wick, cotton or wooden, requires trimming before lighting. Simply pinch the charred wood from the wick and discard. Prevent any debris from landing in wax.

is the room + body spray safe for skin?

All of my room + body sprays are made with all-natural ingredients that are safe for skin, even sensitive. The fragrance is long lasting without any effects.

what do I do with my vessel after my candle burns out?

Your empty vessel may be cleaned out by carefully heating up the excess wax using a heat gun or a blow-dryer. Wipe clean with a paper towel.

where can I buy veronica candle co. candles?

My candles are available at select retailers:

Roots Garden Center

and always on my website,

do you offer private label candles?

Yes! Use the form above to contact me about candles for any special event or boutique/store. A private label consists of a custom label for your event/business, and/or an exclusive scent/vessel that is tailored for you.

do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, orders of 12+ qualify for wholesale discounts. Use the form above for inquiries about wholesale.