hand-poured with love.

every single product is delicately handcrafted with care. my mission is for my customers to enjoy my products as much as i enjoy creating them.

- Veronica

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the novelty collection

the montana candle.

the orgin story:

when I came up with the vision for this candle, I knew I wasn't going to give up until the outcome was exactly how I imagined it to be. I searched and searched google for some type of mold that would suffice, but I had no luck. So I dusted off the old tub of clay, and quickly got to sculpting. I had soon enough created a clay block that was the perfect shape and desired dimension. from there, I used it to create a mold, from which I created the Montana candle. this piece is very special to me because it was soley created by me, and is exclusive to my brand.

- Veronica

  • safe to burn

    all of my products are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe to inhale. never any pthalates or parabens included. i strive for the safety and well being of my customers.

  • hand-crafted

    each product is handpoured and handcrafted by myself, Veronica. I put hours of artistry and care into everything I create. every single candle turns out unique and beautiful.

  • woman owned

    I started my business in 2019, and have been the sole owner & operator since. I love being able to turn my passion into a career and create something amazing.

  • sustainable

    after your Veronica Candle Co. candle has burned out,carefully clean your cement vessel free of any wax, place some small rocks in the bottom for drainage, fill up with soil, and plant a seed!